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Brand New baby Session (fresh 48)

Newborn Photography Jill Rogers Kinfolk Photography

The birth of a new baby is nothing short of a miracle. The brand new baby is perfect in every sense.

After 9 months of growing and nurturing this tiny little human, the emotions on meeting each other and the family are ginormous, to say the least.

It is truly amazing how alert and settled the brand new baby is within the first 48 hours and how they seem to be soaking up the love and wonder of being born and how quickly this passes. It is also truly amazing how the birth of a baby brings so much pure joy and happiness.

I love being able to document the raw and precious moments of the newborn within the first and ‘fresh 48’ hours, at the place of your birth, whether its in hospital or home. All the tiny new stretches and yawns, and the teeny hands and feet of the fresh new bundle of perfection.

The sessions are short and completely natural so no posing, no props, and no invasion of your baby love bubble time. Sometimes, if time is kind to us, we can arrange to capture the first meeting of some of the special people in your world like the new big brother or sister or the dotting and adoring grandies.





Family photography by Jill Rogers