Where are you located and do you travel?

Frequently Asked Questions


I am located in Dunsborough and cover surrounding areas from Busselton to Augusta. A travel fee may apply for sessions outside this catchment  and city sessions

What times / days do you offer sessions?


Outdoor sessions (especially in summer) are best at the end of the day, to catch the beautiful light. Winter sessions are more flexible.

Indoor sessions are best in the morning- but as I am very 'family / baby' lead, I always try to find a time that best suits us both' especially your family and little ones.

Where shall we go for our session?


For outdoor sessions, if you have a place that is special for your family, let's go there. The beach, the bush, some gorgeous gardens of a park that you love and feel comfortable at are all good choices. I also have a range of spots that I love taking photos at so am happy to suggest somewhere if you are stuck.

What if my kids won't listen, look at the camera, sit still or 'misbehave'?


Ok, so I really get this fear. But can I tell you (and can you please please believe me when I say,) I understand your worries and concerns but it really will be ok. For many years, I have worked as a midwife and Child Health Nurse and I really do understand the ages and stages and what makes babies and small people tick. As a mother of two boys, I understand the energy needs of kids, and I structure the session to accommodate this. I understand there are all sorts of personalities and I read the play well. Having you fill in a questionnaire about your family before we met really helps me plan how the session will flow. There will be plenty of time for your little ones to adjust to me and just play with you, and often the 'best' and most memorable photos are the one in the 'in-between' moments when everyone is doing something that makes them happy. If there are meltdowns, we just pause. There is nothing wrong with a much needed pause

Is there a perfect age or stage to have family photos done?


So here's the thing, real family life is never ever instagram perfect and that's what makes it so special. But what is perfect and can be captured for real, is the love and connections you share with your family, regardless of where you are, what size you are, what your house or garden looks like and what you are wearing. Each stage of your life tells its own story and in the future, your kids will thank you for capturing those precious moments and being in the photo with them. I know it is a cliche phrase that can be eye-rolling for parents, but time really does go by fast, and you do really forget the moments in the business of your family life. So no, there is no perfect time except for NOW.

When should I book my newborn session?


If you want the brand new newborn baby look, it's best to meet up within the first two weeks of your baby being born, as that's when your baby is still usually pretty sleepy and very 'fresh'. When you find out your due date, get in touch with me and I will book out some time. Then once you have had your baby, contact me again and we will find a time that suits you all. I know you might be thinking right now that sounds impossible and hard to fathom, but my sessions are very relaxed and it will be easier than you imagine. In my newborn sessions there is no crazy baby posing, if the baby needs to be in your arms that's where they stay, if your baby needs feeding, that's what you do, if your baby becomes unsettled and needs a nappy change, that's what we do. I know some new mums worry about how they will feel and look after the birth. I get that. But I focus on the baby and all the beautiful connections between you and that trumps any supermodel moment in life.

However, if the first 2 weeks is just not doable, I am happy to photograph ANY baby at ANY time.....I just love babies!!

For the parents that just want the baby pics, I'm happy to do a mini version just featuring the newest love of your life

What if my baby is early or late?


No worries at all . I am very flexible and accommodating

How do I book and what's the usual process?


If you know I'm the photographer for you and you think my style is what you are looking for, send me a message with the date you have in mind. If you want to know more about me and how I work , I can send you my baby or family info PDF. Once we have figured a time that suits us both, I'll send you some info about paying a deposit to secure your booking, and info about the 'collections'. After the session, I professionally edit them and within 2-3 weeks, you will receive a private gallery with at least 50-70 proof images to view and select. Payment for the collection is due before the 'real' photos are delivered. I always send 2 types of photos- one high resolution file for printing and one low resolution which is perfect for social/ online sharing.

How long does it take to receive my photos?


Usually I get your gallery to you within 2-3 weeks. You then have a week to choose your favourites, or all of them if you can't decide

What do we wear? Can you help?


Sure can. Once you have booked, I'll send you through a guide. I'm a big believer in comfort comes first, and being yourself but we all like to be the best version of ourselves for photos.

What if the weather is bad or someone is unwell?


Winter days make for great photos, but rain and storms are not fun to be out in. I keep an eye on the weather forecast and we will be in touch if we need to postpone and reschedule.

If someone in the family is unwell, give me as much notice as possible and we will reschedule

Do you photograph extended family?


I love the relationships and connections between different members of families and value them being in your photos. Documenting intergenerational love is so precious and very worthy capturing these special relationships. Depending on the size of the extended session, a fee may occur.