I recently had the pleasure of hanging out with the lovely Kate Waters who is “People of Victory”.


I spent some time with her in her new space, where she skilfully designs and creates the most beautiful artwork and jewellery. Her workshop is eclectic and filled with fascinating trinkets and treasures that belong to her and her kinfolk. It is here that Kate gets to feel and see the elements around her,  where the sun shines through the open doors and she sees the vast green paddocks whilst working . It is here, I sensed, that Kate feels most at home to be creative and to be her lovely self.  Kate’s creations clearly and genuinely come from her beautiful heart.


Watching her at work, it was clearly evident that every piece, even the small demo piece she was working on to show me the process, was tenderly designed and created into something unique and exceptional. There is definitely something  special about Kate’s work. She has created a style that says ‘People of Victory’, but at the same time, each piece has its own design and creation story.


Thank you Kate for sharing your beautiful space and work with me. You are truly one of  life’s talented, beautiful and humble women in the world of creation. Enjoy these images of the beautiful Kate. And be sure to check out her creations  on instagram…there’s something there that’s perfect for you.