Harry and his Yaya

December 3, 2018


They say that Grand-babies fill a space in your heart that you never knew was empty and complete lifes circle of love.

After spending some time with Harry and his beautiful Yaya, I am convinced this is one hundred percent true. It was so obvious that Harry’s Grandie’s hearts were filled to the brim when they were with their sweet little guy.  And without doubt, they too fill Harry’s heart with both unconditional love and joy.

The love and bond of this intergenerational relationships of grandparents and grand-babies is beyond words. The shared connections and love are unique to any other.

To sit back and watch the joy of Harry and his Yaya together filled my heart. It was such a privilege to spend time with them and capture the special moments that were seen in the simple everyday things, like intimately sharing his mandie, reading that story (again!), delighting in Harry for just being Harry, and rejoicing when he came in to his Yaya’s circle of love.

I really wish I had more visual images and memories of my boys with their Grandma and Nanna. I certainly treasure the ones I have and know the boys do too.